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What You Should Have in Mind When Visiting Paris Catacombs

People want to go physically to the Paris catacombs even though they watch on movies. It is a trip that is just for once and you actually do not have an idea of what to get there. However, you can have an idea from the movies or even by doing research. Read this article to find out what you should have in mind when visiting Paris catacombs.

You need to first know that Paris catacombs are not houses with ghosts. Due to the overflowing Parisian cemeteries, Paris catacombs were made to avoid the unhealthy impact. The city decided to use the abandoned limestone quarries as storage space. The tour helps you find out more about the city’s past. Avoid peak season when you want to visit Paris catacombs. It is quite common for people to be many when it is a holiday as they are free and you can find a time that most people are unavailable for trips.

The other thing is booking early for the tour so that you can even prepare appropriately. A tour guide will provide extra information that is good for you. If you just wake up and decide to visit the place, you may end up in long queues that will waste your time and booking early avoids such cases. The way you dress is also very important to have in mind. Since the trip is about trekking up and down, you need to put on shoes that you can walk with at ease. The place is also cold and you will require a jacket or sweater. Do not put on long dresses or even skirt but instead, you can wear short or trouser.

You should also arrive there with a full belly. Normally, you are not allowed to enter with food and there is also no place inside that you can buy food staffs. Avoid taking too much drink since no bathrooms are available. The journey inside does not take very long and afterward, you can visit a restaurant.

The other thing you need to have in mind when going on a Paris catacombs trip is not going astray with the path. Stick with the tour guide without looking for unmapped tunnels that are not safe. The other thing you need to know is your boundaries when in a Paris catacombs trip. For you to maximize on your trip to the Paris catacombs, you need to plan carefully so that you go when fully prepared. Following the things discussed in this article, you will know the things you should have in mind when visiting Paris catacombs.